external image 08a_forge_island.jpg
Category: Industrial
Size: 8000 Sq Feet
Condition: Relatively Good
Inhabitants: Crafters/Apprentices

Built on the foundation of what used to be an Arby's resturant, Veriza's Forge is the central hub for crafters to engage in building tools, planning infrastructure, and other necessities. Operated by Three Lobed Harri Doge, known for her work on building the infrastructure for the governor's abode, many aspiring craftsman pass through the doors to get a chance to learn from the skilled hands of the workers. However, due to the time and physicality of their work, only those that are mixed race and have a strong enough resistance are able to take up the art.

Frequently, crafters are employed by members of the ruling class to fulfill certain needs and whims. They have, on rare occasions, been employed by communities that have scrapped together enough to afford them.