women-m_3531382b.jpgName: Vivian Greenwich
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Archetype: Leader of The Tower
Location: The Tower
Affiliations: Residents of The Tower
Health: Average
Disposition: Stoic
Wealth: Middle Class

Vivian Greenwich

A self-proclaimed sovereign citizen of Columbia, Vivian Greenwich controls The Tower. Due to a supposed relation to an old-world Columbian political figure, she rejects the ruling of the lord in power and established a miniature nation inside the airport grounds, known as The Tower. While young, she displays considerable talent in leadership and gun-toting, or at least that’s what she believes. She prides herself on her ruling over her own personal nation. She has never been in combat, she hardly ever shot a gun.


Vivian stands at 5’6”, generally clothed in a full set of army fatigues. Experts on the subject have speculated that her clothing are counterfeit, stolen from an old-world costume store or off a corpse, though no critic has gotten close enough to her to know for sure. Her medium length hair, blond turned black from the caked in dirt, is kept neatly hidden in a bun under her hat. A disfiguring scar cuts unflatteringly through her forehead like a fleshy unibrow. Her left leg limply follows behind the right due to an accident when she was 8 that she had all but completely forgotten.


Vivian works hard to keep up the image of an aloof, stoic leader. She enjoys the notion of her constitutes feeling unwary around her. She has convinced herself that there is nothing weird about this. She has convinced herself that ‘trying’ to appear a certain way is the same as ‘being’ that way. Sometimes she wishes to know what it’s like to get closer to people, but dropping the façade seems like a deadly risk. She’s much more content with being the ‘aloof quiet stoic with everything figured out’ then risk herself by allowing a real personality to come through.

Acquisition of the Airport

Not much is known about Vivian and her history. She appeared in Columbus during the winter 8 years before contemporary. At the time she was highly armed, and was followed by a squad of equally well armed men and woman. She walked onto the airport property, at the time being used as a dumping ground for refuse, and claimed the location as her own. Attempts to casually approach her were met with deadly force. It was a week later that then current lord formally met with Vivian and her squad, and established a working relationship, The Airport Pact.