Wade's Widgets.png
"Don't mind the smell." - Wade
Category: Commercial
Size: Very small
Condition: A century old, slightly renovated
Inhabitants: Wade's Cat known as Chunks(Owner) and Wade's son Jack Chiyonosake

Wade's Widgets opened up 1 year after Wade's Bar n' Grill opened in Columbus. After Wade moved into the building that is now Wade's Bar n' Grill (check it out, Taco Tuesdays & Mystery Meat Mondays) Wade had some extra real-estate that he decided to utilize since there wasn't much room for storage in the bar n' Grill. At first, the room was used for storage but after some food and clothing items disappeared Wade decided to investigate only to find a very primal boy that barely even speaks broken English. Wade out of the kindness of his heart, adopted the boy and named him Jack. After a couple years went by and the storage room almost being filled, Wade was able to trust Jack enough to turn the storage room into Wade's Widgets (Under Chunk's supervision of course). Wade's Widgets sell a random assortment of items that Wade and Jack stumble upon searching around Columbus's ruins.