"Oh man, I wish the place was still that clean." - Wade
Category: Commercial
Size: Small but cozy 2-story building
Condition: Almost 2 Centuries old but renovated, still habitable
Inhabitants: Wade Voit(Owner) and his 7 cats(Co-Owners)

Wade's World's Bar n' Grill opened 5 years after people started inhabiting Columbus and has become a regular spot for locals to congregate and unwind. Wade's Bar n' Grill that is open for anyone and everyone who is willing to spend their money on whatever Wade's has to offer(which isn't much to be honest). The overall reception of the establishment is a mixture of positive and negative reviews; but mainly positive. Sometimes the food is not the best of quality depending on available resources Wade's has to offer but Wade's manages to always have a small supply of purified water and Funyuns. One of the main reasons why locals come to Wade's is to try to escape the apocalyptic world they live in and try to remember a time period where the problems they are dealing with now we're only shown in movies. You probably wouldn't find your local lord dining in here but you might find your neighborhood vigilante or average Joe. Whether you want locally farmed food or old and skunked beer, you'll manage to find some peace and relaxation at Wade's. Unless a fight breaks out. Then use the skunked beer's bottle as a weapon. Wade's also does kid's birthday parties too.