Name: Wade Voit
Age: 64
Sex: M
Archetype: Trader
Location: Wade's World
Affiliations: Neutral
Disposition: Let's make some money

Character Background and Description
Wade is probably one of the most shifty, double crossing, cheap, pan handling swindler in Columbus.The only difference between him and most swindlers is that he'll do you wrong, but with a smile. Wade first moved to Columbus after the Apocalypses hit. There was not much else around at the time and once he established Wade's World Bar n' Grill he knew what he had to do at that point. Which was making as much money as he can while keeping everybody happy. Wade was formerly armed guard that would protect caravans from the usual raider, cannibal, or wild life. Wade is very sociable but his motives are never really clear until your wallet is empty. He knows how to work within a team and use firearms but it has been years since Wade has picked up any type of firearm to defend himself. After Wade established Wade's World Bar n' Grill, he soon opened Wade's Widgets which is a trading store that sells whatever is found in Columbus or the wastelands. He run's Wade's Widget with his adopted son Jack who randomly was caught in the Wade's Widgets storage closet eating rations. Jack doesn't speak much English and has lots of scaring on his body since he might be infected but he understands good morals and good intentions. From there on in, Wade and Jack both would run both of Wade's establishments under the supervision of Wade's 7 feline roommates(Can't remember the names cause Wade just comes up with them on the spot) From that moment on Jack and Wade bonded like father and son.