external image ibc-cube.gifCategory: Food Item
Size: 1,000 litre
Weight: A little over a ton when full
Value: Unavailable to the general public, these crates are exclusively used to transport water to each district, and to Omaha. As soon as these are emptied and their contents distributed, these crates are returned to the hydroelectric plant to be refilled

With water being one of Columbus's major exports, these bulk water containers are the most efficient method of transporting water to Omaha, and distributing discrete amounts of water to each of Columbus's districts. After the water is harvested from the plants at the hydroelectric dam, these cubes are filled, transported down the river or to the water distribution centers in each district, emptied to fill the personal water storage containers of each resident, then returned to the dam to be refilled. A popular target for bandits, these bright white cubes provide an easy target for cutting off a district's water supply, or a watertight container for any liquids that need to be shipped down to Omaha.