Category: Residential
Size: Two story houseexternal image water-damaged-home.jpg
Condition: poor
Inhabitants: severely sick and drug addicts

Down in the most secluded area of sector one is a badly water damaged house. The putrid smell of the toxic and stagnant water permeates the air, many not used to the stench would cough violently. Here is where the extremely ill and drug addicted chose to make their home. The pungent air acts as a natural barrier to any who wish to come snooping around. While the outside world may favor the healthy and rich, here that is the biggest crime. To fit in you must also be a misfit of the world. Not even the upper caste finds it worth their time or resources to disperse such a den for the most god forsaken.

The basement and parts of the first floor are totally submerged in the toxic run off of the marsh. Wallpaper sags low and water damaged. Unidentifiable stains spot the first and second floors of this desolated looking house. Bed mats and moldy pillows are spread about. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell if a person occupying a mat is dead or sleeping. Throwing them into the marsh is a good way to find out.