Na6899914357d5243c98ceb72b43f6993e.jpgme: Widow Maxson
Age: 43
Sex: Female
Archetype: Medicine woman
Location: Slums
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Mystical

Character Background and Description
The wife of a previous mayor, Widow Maxson went somewhat mad after her husband’s death - one of unknown but often speculated circumstances - and lost all their wealth and status. She now lives as somewhat of a medicine woman in the slums, peddling her home remedies and… other poultices, philtres, ampoules, elixirs, drafts, and brews. The years and madness have not done her any service, she is gnarled and cracked beyond her age. Although she is fairly unaffected by the hydroplague, her stiff hands still bear pockmarks from other illnesses. Despite this, Widow Maxson is quite popular in the lower echelon of the medical community, since she can - and will - make virtually anything for a price

Her home is right near the border of the middle and lower classes and she frequents the black market at the Mudgapper Pub for her more... questionable concoctions. The veritable hut she resides in is musty and saturated with her various incenses and chemicals and this odious texture lingers on her endlessly.

Widow Maxson's motives are shrouded in mystery and nobody really knows what her goals are. However, if she trusted anyone enough to tell them what she cares about, she would impart with a dry whisper, "Our son Jobediah left us twenty-odd years ago... I always dream 'e comes back to me so I can flog 'im. I told 'im not to leave 'is father - it's all 'is damn fault."