Name: Willow AviaryAndreea J web picture.jpg
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Archetype: Doctor in training
Location: Doctor's Guild
Affiliations: Nobles, Lords, Doctors
Disposition: Cheerful, ignorant, grating
Wealth: Very Rich
Health: Average

Willow Aviary

Willow is the daughter in a noble family closely associated with the Lord of Columbus. Both her mother and her father act as doctors for the lord and his family, along with the rest of the noble population. She has never truly wanted in her life, most everything being handed to her on a silver platter. From the day she was born she was treated well by the members of the ruling house. Only days before her birth, the then Lord of Columbus had fallen deathly ill, and her family made the effort that saved his life. While her linage had once resided in the middle class at best, the actions performed by her family propelled her into the upper rungs of society, genetics be damned.

Willow, for most of her life, was kept close by her parents, who as well were kept close by the presiding Lord or Lady. It was not often that she would step outside, and when she did, her parents would keep her in tow.

She is in the process of being taught the art of doctoring by her parents, a task in which she has excelled at. She is clearly intelligent, though her ignorance is apparent when speaking of anything not related to medicine.


Willow presents an air of perpetual cheerfulness. Her knowledge of the outside world, even human history, is stunted by her supreme lack of want, and her parents disinterest in fostering such knowledge in their child. She had never been expected to fend for herself, and what work she does do in the realm of surgery and medicine she treats as fun because of how effortlessly it comes to her. She can be grating, and hard to get along with because of her nearly spoiled up-bringing.

Declining Health

Willows health has been steadily decreasing over the last couple of months. While access to medicine is not a problem, the notion of an individual on the higher rungs of society taking medication in the first place is unheard of. If Willow’s health continues to worsen, she may find herself booted from her comfortable position in high society.