Yeezy's Denim Belt
Category: Artifact
Size: 32" long
Weight: 2kg
Value: Priceless
external image 11028382_4932428_322.jpg
A bold, but ultimately failed statement at fashion by rapper Kanye West a little over 100 years ago. According to ancient legend, they were once known to the public by the name of “jelts.” It’s been said it was part of a fashion renaissance to return to the days where all denim clothing was the apex of glory and chic. However, due to the counter denim movement raised by that generation’s youth, the belt quickly faded from the public consciousness. Kanye found himself short some extravagant amount of money, estimated to be around $53 million.

In the modern day, the Jelt hangs proudly in the abode of Miriam Bennett, passed down throughout her family for generations as a symbol of their unending purity and strength of will.

A small, worn out tag is still legible: “Trump’s tryna make America great again, but I’ll make denim almost as great as me!”